Daisuke Tokudome

CEO of ACM Inc., Japan

“Although we started our company from scratch, we’ve been able to expand to 15 employees and reach sales of 400 million yen.”

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Sales were increasing, but costly international fees still remained an issue.

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Payoneer’s Global Payment Service offered us great rates.

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Our revenue increased, and our dedicated account manager introduced us to new marketplaces.

Our company has been conducting cross-border eCommerce business since 2016.

At first, we sold through eBay, and then later expanded to other marketplaces such as Amazon.com and eBay.de.

I’m very intrigued by global eCommerce, from cultural differences of other countries, the large size of the market, to the speed and efficiency of tech companies such as Amazon.

After experiencing success with a global eCommerce business, we decided to use various services to help us increase sales even more. With the support of excellent third-party services such as payments, logistics, and business platforms, we were able to do so.

Payoneer Helped us Grow”

As our business expanded and sales continued to grow, we faced the issue of how to minimize high fees for receiving foreign currency. That’s when I came across Payoneer’s Global Payment Service. Payoneer offers us competitive fees and support from a dedicated account manager. In addition to providing business advice, our account manager regularly introduces us to international platforms and services.

Payoneer occasionally hosts dinners and seminars for users, and events like these allow us to interact with other companies in the same industry, providing many opportunities to exchange information and receive encouragement. Payoneer is a leading company in the industry, so the amount of the participants is very high.

Looking into the Future with Payoneer

Looking into the future, we’d like to become an import agent for products from global manufactures as well as enter the export business via Amazon EU and other marketplaces.

We continue to use Payoneer to pay our global manufacturers for purchases and make VAT payments to an overseas tax accountant for our sales in the EU. We expect this to speed up foreign currency payments and minimize costs and we hope to continue to expand our business using Payoneer’s services and support.

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