Our Impact

We provide entrepreneurs, cross-border traders, trailblazers, and market pioneers with opportunities, education, and assistance to help them shape their future and own tomorrow.
Our business success and positive social impact are intertwined.

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We are taking what is inherent to Payoneer’s culture and making it explicit, prioritizing the issues material to Payoneers and giving dimension to our impact on the lives of our customers.

John Caplan
CEO, Payoneer

john caplan

John Caplan
CEO, Payoneer

Payoneer’s social impact strategy is built on these pillars

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Democratize economies, provide opportunities for SMBs and expand emerging markets.

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Commitment to diversity and inclusion, the health and wellbeing of our teams around the world, develop talent and provide multiple forums for employees to express themselves and provide feedback.

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Contribute, both financially and with employee volunteering, to the communities in which our people live and work; and support local groups when disasters occur.

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Mindfulness of our environmental responsibility and behavior and commitment to reducing our carbon footprint and mitigating climate risk.

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To the environment

We aspire to reduce our footprint and be mindful of our responsibility to the environment.

global impact report

Global impact report

As Payoneer begins our impact journey, we are proud to share our inaugural Social Impact Report. We are committed to sharing with full transparency our plans, development and implementation of our ESG progress and reporting.

We’re taking action

At Payoneer, we aspire to do the right thing for our customers, our shareholders, and our communities.
In 2022, Payoneer established the Payoneer Foundation, The Foundation will provide structure for our philanthropic giving and will be a key step in our strategic impact initiatives. Volunteering is inherent in our corporate culture.

Our global volunteer program – allows for our employees’ collective efforts to support their local communities, while aligning to our overall impact focus.

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At Payoneer, we know our people are our greater resource. Payoneer is a truly global company, with a team distributed across 41 locations 36 countries and key markets, supporting over 40 languages. . We value the diversity that makes us a strong international presence, including gender, language, cultural differences, and ways of thinking.
Our team serves customers locally around the world, supported by internal functions focusing on platform and operations.

graph global team
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5 male (55%)
4 female (45%)


6 male (67%)
3 female (33%)

as of December 31, 2022
** as of December 31, 2022

At Payoneer, 51% of our staff and 45% of our Executive Management positions are held by women. We hire and promote organizational leaders without prejudice.