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Borderless wholesaler payments

For wholesalers and exporters, Payoneer is like having a bank account in your customer’s neighborhood. Payoneer works with all major currencies to help you keep more of what you earn.

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The local global account

One Payoneer account is a gateway to multiple local receiving accounts. So, you can make and take payments globally and cost-effectively transfer funds between US dollar, British pound, Euro, Australian dollar, Canadian dollar, Singapore dollar, Hong Kong dollar, UAE Dirham, Chinese yuan, and Japanese yen.

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Get paid in US dollars? Get Payoneer

If your customers pay in USD, Payoneer gives you a SWIFT code so your clients, wherever they are, can pay you via international wire transfer. Not only does this help make customers’ and suppliers’ lives easier (they can pay you how they want), but the fees are also usually much lower than at a traditional bank.

Reach further with Payoneer

One Payoneer account is local and global. In other words, you can request and accept payments in all major currencies direct to your account balance. Plus, it’s easy to make payment requests in your preferred method from more countries – you can even choose to be paid by credit card or ACH debit in the US.

Earn more, grow more

Payoneer enables your business to keep more of your earnings. One account increases transparency across your world of payments, especially where you have a high volume of transactions in multiple currencies. And when you’ve been paid, here’s how you can manage your balances.

Withdraw funds locally

Directly transfer your international business earnings to your preferred local bank account.

Make business payments

Pay suppliers, contractors and for services. Save even more time with batch payments – up to 200
at a time.

Pay VAT and sellers’ fees

Pay EU and UK VAT authorities from your Payoneer account for free and save on costly conversion and transfer fees.

Convert your funds fast

Take advantage of fast transfers between the currency balances in your account with top exchange rates and zero hidden charges.

Manage currencies
in minutes

Your money might come from lots of different places – from suppliers and customers all over the world – but there’s a home for every pound, dollar and yen in your Payoneer account. Plus, our quick conversions mean you have the right currency, just when you need it.

Step 1 – Sign in

Sign in to your Payoneer account and go to
Activity > Manage currencies.

Step 2 – Select the currency

Enter the amount and both currencies you’re
converting to/from.

Step 3 – Verify and submit

Check you’re happy with any fees and the amount
you’ll receive in the new currency.

Simplest is best

Payoneer makes life easier. If you’ve experienced other payment solutions, you’ll understand what we mean – just like these wholesale and export businesses.

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Golf Shafts Asia

“Payoneer local receiving accounts enable me to get paid in different currencies, including HKD, AUD, EUR and USD, which I can then convert and withdraw to my USD bank account at a fixed fee. Furthermore, with Payoneer, I can process incoming payments, including wire transfers and credit card transfers with lower fees than Paypal.”

Support that’s straight forward

Managing international payments and currencies can cost your business money, time, and effort. Our international team is available in 22+ languages – we can offer the help and advice you need to help your multi-currency business grow.

Get online support

How-to videos and guides

Payoneer Community

Made for multi-currency markets

Open a Payoneer account to instantly increase the global reach of your export or wholesale business. To get started, tell us how you work and want to get paid, and we’ll take it from there.