Your business can get paid by nearly anyone, anywhere

When it’s time get paid, all you need is an email address to bill your clients around the world. Requesting a payment with Payoneer gives you peace of mind, tracking your payment every step of the way. We also give your clients the flexibility to pay the way they like. Everybody wins.
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Billing for your business gets better with us

Managing your business payments starts by getting paid and your Payoneer account can help. No matter where in the world your clients are, enjoy fast, flexible, and convenient payments every time.

Get global coverage

When we say get paid by nearly anyone, anywhere, we are talking about the 190+ countries and territories that our global banking partner network covers.

Deliver flexibility

Your client can pay you via credit cards, ACH bank debit and PayPal in the US, and direct bank payments in the UK, or they can send you a local bank transfer if you have a receiving account in their region.

Your client can pay you via credit cards, ACH bank debit in the US, and direct bank payments in the UK, or they can send you a local bank transfer if you have a receiving account in their region.

Enjoy the speed

The best payment is a fast payment, and we aim to make international payments just as fast as local ones, depending on the payment method.

Stay on top of it all

Track your payment requests and know exactly when your payment lands in your account. Just send the request and we’ll do the rest.

Here’s how it works

Enter your client’s email address and the payment amount

Submit the request and we’ll notify your client for you

Your client chooses a password and their preferred payment method

Once paid, the funds will land in your Payoneer account to use or withdraw

Do more at once with batch requests

If you’re requesting multiple payments a month, we can streamline the way you get paid with batch payment requests. Request up to 200 payments at once from your clients.

Consolidate your receivables

Requesting all your payments from around the world with Payoneer puts your global earnings neatly in one place

Save time with file templates

Add all the payment requests you’d like to make to our reusable file template, upload it, and relax as the earnings roll in

Track it all at a glance

Just like with a single payment request, you’ll see all the pending requests you’ve made on your account dashboard

Frequently asked questions

You can send payment requests to other businesses worldwide. For example, a freelancer can request payments for web development services from a client who is building a web site.

Payments cannot be requested from consumers (individuals who are not professionals or businesses) paying in your online store and is not meant to be used as a payment gateway (checkout) for your ecommerce store.

Once you fill out the details of your payment request, we’ll send an email to your client on your behalf, with details on how to pay (you will receive a copy for your records). Your client chooses their preferred method of payment and sends the funds directly to your Payoneer account.
You can withdraw the funds to your bank account or access them with your Payoneer card.

  • If you are based in India, payments received to your Payoneer account are automatically withdrawn to your local bank account within 24 hours.
Credit/Debit Card (MasterCard®, Visa®, American Express®, Discover, JCB, Diner’s Club)ACH bank debit (electronic check)PayPalDirect Bank PaymentLocal Bank TransferPayoneer Balance
Payment MadeOnline via PayoneerOnline via PayoneerOnline via PayoneerOnline via Payoneer and your bank accountAt your bank (online or on-site)Online via Payoneer
Can Be Used ByIndividuals / Companies Worldwide Cannot be used for domestic payments in India or TurkeyIndividuals / Companies in the US onlyOnline via PayoneerCompanies in the UK onlyCompanies in the US, EU and UKPayoneer account holders Worldwide *Subject to availability
Payment Limit15,000 USD 15,000 EUR 15,000 GBP15,000 USD/transaction15,000 USD
15,000 EUR
15,000 GBP
15,000 GBP100,000 USD 100,000 EUR 100,000 GBP15,000 USD 15,000 EUR 15,000 GBP
Fee (% of payment)3%0-1%3.99%+$0.49FreeUSD: 0-1% EUR, GBP: 0%Free
Payment Received Within (Estimated)*2 calendar daysInstant with Plaid 2-3 business days otherwise2 business days1-3 business days1-3 business days2 hours

The fees depend on the payment method chosen. Visit our fee page to see all applicable fees.

Before completing the payment request process, your client can select who pays the applicable fee. To avoid any misunderstanding, we suggest you discuss this point with your client in advance.

If you are located in a European Economic Area (EEA) country, as of January 13, 2018, in compliance with the European Payment Services Directive (PSD2), the fee will automatically be deducted from your Payoneer account.

We support withdrawals to bank accounts in 190+ countries and 70 currencies. Add multiple bank accounts to your Payoneer account to withdraw your funds at any time. Withdrawals can take up to 5 business days to reach your account but typically are received faster than that.

Learn more about how to withdraw funds from your Payoneer account.

You can check your payment requests in your account by navigating to the Activity tab and then selecting Payment requests sent. You can select a specific request to track it or view the details of the request.