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Amazon, Fiverr, eBay, and more, connect with Payoneer seamlessly. For businesses and freelancers, it’s a secure, smart, and efficient way to get paid by marketplaces, use your funds, and withdraw locally. 





1,300.00 EUR




6,900.00 SGD




20,650.00 GBP




15,340.00 EUR


Growth International


8,700.00 AED


Sparkline Solutions


5,900.00 USD


A&G Digital Studio


4,300.00 USD


John Snow


1,750.00 USD


Lisa Parker


3,500.00 CAD


Amazing T-shirts


1,350.00 CAD



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Connections with 2,000 marketplaces, platforms, and networks give you a global reach. And while you’re embracing limitless, borderless opportunities to do business online, we make it easy to get paid and keep more of what you earn. 

Sharpening your freelance edge

Get paid faster with productivity tools made for marketplaces. Billing, invoicing, scheduling, tracking, reminding, reporting, recurring, consolidating… for requesting and receiving payments, Payoneer has every ‘ing’ you need. 

Grow and get paid globally  

Marketplaces help your business reach customers in new markets. When you expand, you need to ensure you can get paid with minimum cost and effort, and with maximum security and global coverage. Payoneer simplifies getting paid and helps you avoid growing pains.

Made for marketplaces 

Online marketplaces are booming. And we give businesses of every size more chance to compete on a level paying field. You grow your business while Payoneer ensures getting paid by marketplaces just works.

Accept all major currencies 

Select Payoneer as your payment method to get paid whether a marketplace pays you in pounds (GBP), euros (EUR), dollars (USD) or many other major currencies. 

Free up your funds 

Feel the freedom of withdrawing money to your local bank account. Plus, withdraw at ATMs and pay expenses with a Payoneer card wherever Mastercard® is accepted. 

Bring your markets together 

On multiple marketplaces? No worries when you consolidate your marketplaces and platforms under one roof and all your earnings go to one Payoneer account. 

Connection hyperspeed 

International payments and hyperspeed don’t usually mix… but we’re like super-fans for fast payments. So, we’ve made connecting with marketplaces just as quick. 


Marketplace setup 

With hundreds to choose from, it shouldn’t be hard to find the right marketplace for selling your products online. 


Pick Payoneer 

When you’re prompted for your payment method – you know the answer… connect your Payoneer account! 


Sign in for security 

You’ll be directed to sign in to your Payoneer account, so we can make sure it’s you who’s requesting to connect.  


Seamless speed

That’s it – as long as the marketplace has Payoneer as your payment method, that’s where your earnings will go. 

Missing a marketplace? No drama 

You can still get paid by a marketplace we don’t connect to – your Payoneer account is versatile like that. All you need are Payoneer’s local receiving accounts that can take payments in all major currencies and from niche marketplaces.  
Seriously, we’ve thought of everything when it comes to getting paid. 

Been paid? Now what… 

Feel the flexibility when your marketplace earnings roll in. You can cost-effectively withdraw to your local bank account at up to 70% less than the cost of traditional banking fees. Or you can pay for goods and services with a Payoneer card or directly from your Payoneer balance.
There is more for you. Get access to our hundreds of partnerships, to help you with anything from advertising to logistics, pay through your Payoneer account and get discounts!

When customers speak, we listen

It matters lots to us what people say about Payoneer. That’s how our platform’s evolved to help freelancers and businesses grow on the world’s leading marketplaces.

Eliana Barrionuevo portrait image

Eliana Barrionuevo

Freelance Writer & Travel Blogger, Argentina 

“What I love about Payoneer is the freedom I have to use it all over the world and the solution that fits my digital nomad lifestyle.”

Gabriel Carrivale

Toan Thang

Affiliate Marketer, Viet Nam 

“Payoneer simplifies the process to transfer money from American/Europe companies to my bank account in Vietnam very easily and quickly”

Multilingual support,
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Don’t get lost in a maze of marketplace payments. Our international team is available in 22+ languages to answer questions and help find a way through. 

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